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The first step to building any successful business is to partner and build relationships with the right producers. Identify the type of manufacturer and material suppliers you need to reach your targets.

produce your products with hemp

"Hemp is nearly unparalleled in its versatility and can be used to make everything from raw building materials, to paper, or to fuel."

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How We Work

Our Process


Exploring the problem

A successful product development plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of a buy plan and team experience.

Identifying the solution

After reviewing all marketplace channels, visibility of costs, accurate budget control, we introduce internal checkpoints and quality control.

Connecting with key producers

Not finding the right farm or factory? Discover industry experts and let us guide you on the path to establishing a transparent and resilient production line.

Sampling and prototyping

Creating and executing a result-oriented plan can be difficult, as it must convince consumers and meet margin demands. We are here to lend our expert knowledge within the industry to meet all of your demands.

Management and support

Launch planning and implementation phase. We are with you every step of the way.

Clients About Us

Jamie Harris
The team at CPG was great in helping us get our supply forecasted and sourced for the upcoming season.
Eva Lee
After 3 meetings, the team had our first products sourced and in the production line! They were quick and the process felt very personalized. Well done.
Stephen Shaw
On-time delivery, seamless accounting, QR code accuracy!
Sophia Allison
The consulting session was enough to help me launch 3 products in under a month!
Martin Mason
Inconsistencies can ultimately leave a brand with no profitable buyers, especially since it takes so long to recover from bad projects. The CPG platform undoubtedly helped us stay consistent in how our team selects and manages our flower supply.
Justine Stevens
CPG WIP platform improved our financial forecasting, and helped increase our supply chain efficiency dramatically.
improve your sourcing systems, increase profitability


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You can source your hemp from numerous online stores, but can you hover a drone over your partner's farm and accurately predict a project's cost at completion? CPG is here to build a modern bridge between agriculture and operations.

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