The ultimate guide to sourcing Organic Hand Harvested Flower

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Alexandra T. Rodriguez
June 26, 2020

very batch of 100% organic and sustainable CPG CBD flower is independently lab-tested by a prestigious cannabis lab, CBSICO Labs. The results of these lab tests are provided on each product page to make it easy for you to verify the amazing quality of CPG CBD flower for yourself!

Cultivated by the best

CPG organic CBD flower is grown in climate-controlled greenhouse or indoor conditions in Rogue Valley, Oregon. LED grow lights, organic horticultural practices, and a firm focus on sustainability allows Secret Nature to consistently produce the best CBD-rich hemp flower ever grown.

Made exclusively with our trimmed indoor CBD Hemp flower buds. We will never cut corners to jeopardize the quality of our products, which is why we never use shake, trim, or low quality bio-mass material for our joints.  We believe in using the highest quality material to create the highest quality experience. Each joint is rolled in organic hemp paper. The most flavorful, and potent CBD Hemp pre-rolls available. Enjoy.

Organic & USA Grown

Hemp flower is often confused with marijuana (THC flower/buds), but it is not the same, and does not produce the same end product.  Although hemp flowers may look and smell similar to regular THC-cannabis flowers, their chemical structure, cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles are quite different.

An important difference between the two is that Industrial Hemp flower contains 0.3% Delta 9 THC (the active, psychoactive form of THC) or less, and is non-psychoactive due to these extremely low levels.

This means that when consumed, Hemp flower WILL NOT get you high (The classic effect associated with those who use THC-cannabis products)  Although it wont get you high, Hemp flower seems to induce relaxation and other mild effects in users due to it containing CBD and other cannabinoids/compounds, contributing to what is known as “the entourage effect”.

Questions we often get about hemp flower:
  • What Is CBD Hemp Flower?
  • What Is Hemp Flower Used For?
  • Why Is Premium Hemp Flower Better?
  • What Does The Best CBD Hemp Flower Look Like?
  • How Do You Choose The Best CBD Flower Companies?
  • What Are The Best Premium Hemp Flowers?

Good hemp flower companies care about transparency because they know that honesty is the best business policy in the long run. Keep an eye out for CBD flower producers who are clearly only in it for short-term benefits, and separate the wheat from the chaff by learning how to read CBD lab tests.

Look closely at a product's supply chain

Just like there are lots of different recreational cannabis growers, there are also a handful of different CBD flower companies. As anyone who has shopped the recreational or medical marijuana markets knows, however, there’s a huge disparity in quality between top-shelf companies and producers at the bottom of the spectrum.

Customers across the country are incredibly impressed with CPG flower, and there’s only so much you can spin customer feedback to your advantage. We’re the real deal, and our customers know it.

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