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Center Pivot Group is an agri-business focusing on industrial hemp with world-wide activities ranging from production, logistics and marketing to distribution. Our core business is physical trading of feminized seed, biomass and flower, supported by auxiliary assets, such as warehouses or processing facilities. We are part of the supply chain whose task is to heal the world.

We believe that an audited diversification into fixed assets will further solidify our business model, which has consistently proven to be profitable and comparatively crisis-resistant. As a general strategic approach, Center Pivot Group emphasizes long-term,  sustainable business over short-term quick profit motives.

Verified Sourcing

Center Pivot Group is active along the agricultural supply chain, collecting hemp biomass and flower directly from the farmers that are producing them, cleaning, storing and transporting them to where they are consumed, and supplying hemp to processors and consumers around the world.

End-to-end Manufacturing

A successful product development plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of every point on the supply chain. In the case of hemp products it all begins with the seed and genetics. CPG's solutions will bring as close as humanly possible to discovering the "magic formula" for your company's supply chain.


We give you the resources to successfully start the hemp farming, processing, and manufacturing process. Review in-depth profiles and find the perfect partners for your business.

Full Support

We will lend assistance every step of the way to meeting your final goals. The senior management team has over 10+ years of experience in the hemp industry and has contributed to the development of several widely successful hemp companies.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics”  
- Sun Tzu

our Approach

Work Process


Exploring the problem

A successful product development plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of a buy plan and team experience.

Finding the solution

After reviewing all marketplace channels, visibility of costs, accurate budget control, we introduce internal checkpoints and quality control.


Creating and executing a result-oriented plan can be difficult, as it must convince consumers and meet margin demands. We are here to lend our expert knowledge within the industry to meet all of your demands.

Building the product

After a successful prototype, build and beta test your products.

Launch and support

Launch planning and implementation phase. We are with you every step of the way.
don't gamble with profitability

Modernizing Hemp Sourcing

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Infinite Possibilities

The Right Partners Make Everything Possible

Our hemp supply chain starts with the farmers. Origination means we are buying hemp directly from partners, offering market prices, logistical services, and technical solutions. Center Pivot Group works together with thousands of small and big farmers, helping them to manage their hemp. Once off the farm, our supply chain then ensures hemp quality for future processing into products.

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